Friday, April 1, 2011

Drowning The Virgin Silence "Tears" Available Now

ACPROD is happy to announce the newest release from Drowning The Virgin Silence "Tears".

Tears is the newest offering by South Florida based electroacoustic project Drowning the Virgin Silence. This release is mostly inspired by the works of surrealists Man Ray and Federico Garcia Lorca, as well as the Cuban artist Ana Mendieta. It creates a sound world akin to the romantic and ethereal aspects of surrealism, married with the organic and sometimes violent nature of Mendieta's work. Constructed from tape loops, manipulated guitar, and field recordings, Tears carries a heavy drone which oscillates wildly in shape, timbre, and mood while still emphasizing some heavy silences. Drowning the Virgin Silence is the musical project of visual artist Richard Vergez, this is his 8th release.

Limited to 100 Pro Cassettes, and in an Artist Edition of 12. available now.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011


After a brief Hiatus Acid Casualty Productions is back and stronger than ever. Look forward to new releases from Drowning the Virgin Silence, Last, Skogulverne and more.